Companies giving away Face Masks free of charge

Companies giving away Face Masks free of charge

Many are worried about the rapidly changing situation around the coronavirus spread. Many people hope to not get infected by wearing face masks but due to the large quantities some people buy there seems to be a shortage of face masks.

Now many companies around the world try to change this by offering said masks free of charge. If you're in need of a mask but lack the money to afford them or if they are simply sold out in in you're area we got you covered.

We compiled a short list of a few companies that offer face masks for free in order to prevent further spread of the virus.

WestRock Co. (paper and packaging)

WestRock shipped a huge amount of masks to china in order to help its employees there. So if you're a employee of WestRock you've a good chance to grab a mask for free.

Innotrek and FutuReady Asia

Outdoor camp operators Innotrek and FutuReady Asia have prepared a huge amount of face masks and hand sanitiser for seniors in the affected area.

LibertyOS (Liberty Technologies)

Security Operating system provider LibertyOS is offering free face masks for it's users in order to protect them even outside the many security risks of modern day computing.

In a recent video posted on Youtube, CEO Steven Fang stated:

Our goal has always been to protect users against online threats, but what can we do against physical threats like the coronavirus. So to protect our community we decided to give away free facemasks.
Images courtesy of Google
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